Serial port and GPS

Psrf103Test Class

Command line test program for PSRF103 messages

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class Psrf103Test
public class Psrf103Test

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Creates a SiRF propetiary PSRF103 sequence for controling the amount and the frequency of the generated NMEA sequences GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC and VTG. The sequences generated by this utility may be sent to the serial port of the GPS chip in order to decrease the amount of the generated information.


psrf103.exe GLL false 0 true
msg=GLL mode=False rate=0 chksumEnable=True psrf=\$PSRF103,01,00,00,01\*25\r\n

psrf103.exe GSA false 0 true
msg=GSA mode=False rate=0 chksumEnable=True psrf=\$PSRF103,02,00,00,01\*26\r\n

psrf103.exe GSV false 0 true
msg=GSV mode=False rate=0 chksumEnable=True psrf=\$PSRF103,03,00,00,01\*27\r\n

psrf103.exe RMC false 0 true
msg=RMC mode=False rate=0 chksumEnable=True psrf=\$PSRF103,04,00,00,01\*20\r\n


Namespace: serial

Assembly: psrf103 (in psrf103.exe)

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