Serial port and GPS

Serial2IPForm Class

The main form for the serial 2 IP copy application

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class Serial2IPForm
    Inherits Form
public class Serial2IPForm : Form

Thread Safety

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m_ports The name of the serial port to use.
m_baud The baud rate for the serial port communications. 9600 or 4800 could be plasible choices.
m_databits Number of databits for the serial port. For example 8.
m_parities The parity for the serial port, for example None.
m_stopbits Number of stopbits for the serial port. One can be a plausible choice.
m_ipmodes IP server mode, in which the serial port data is served through IP. TCP or UDP - act as TCP or UDP server on listen for connections on the port specified in m_ipport. BCAST - broadcast data to to the UDP port specified in m_ipport. See also documentation on the class Serial2IP for more details on the IP modes.
m_ipport The TCP or UDP port to listen for incoming connections, if TCP or UDP has been selected in m_ipmodes. The UDP port to which to broadcast the serial port data, if BCAST has been selected in m_ipmodes.
m_status on, if copying data from serial port to IP has been started, off, if it is inactive.
Port/Open, m_menuopen Starts copying data from the serial port selected in m_ports to IP, using protocol selected in m_ipmodes and listening on port or broadcasting to port defined in m_ipport.
Port/Close Closes the serial port and the IP server.
Port/Log, m_menulog Starts or stops logging, which may be used for investigating failures. Especially exceptions and user interactions are logged. Application logs to a file s2ip<yyyyMMddHHmmss>.log located in the same directory as the execcutable. yyyyMMddHHmmss is the timestamp at which logging has been switched on.
Port/Exit Exits the application.
Warning! s2ip.exe only copies data from the serial port to IP. The program is inable to copy stream coming from IP into the serial port. Thus you can't for example enter PSRF103 sequences using IP.



Namespace: serial

Assembly: s2ip (in s2ip.exe)

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