Serial port and GPS

UTMTest Class

Command line test program for UTM translations

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class UTMTest
public class UTMTest

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There are two cases of usage. Either two geographical coordinates having format degree minutes. partial minutes, first the the latitude North then the longitude East or the whole NMEA GGA sequence may be passed to the command line, completed by the name of the UTM system to use.


utm.exe 4932,8682 1200,0293 WGS84
4932,8682N 1200,0293E system WGS84, UTM 547978,303650611 597,637501493447
utm.exe $GPGGA,061254.000,4932.8682,N,01200.0293,E,1,03,4.1,424.4,M,47.4,M,,0000*5C WGS84
utc 06:12:54,000 49,547803N 12,000488E alt 424,4 system WGS84 UTM 5492,679km 283,040km
In the first case the coordinates 49 deg. 32.8602 min. North and 12 deg. 0.0293 min East are recomputed to UTM, ellipsoide WGS84. In the second case the same coordinates are computed from a NMEA GGA sequence produced by a GPS chip. Possible values for the ellisoide types: WGS84, GRS80, WGS72, AUSTRALIAN1965, KRASOVSKY1940, INTERNATIONAL1924, CLAKE1880, CLARKE1866, IRY1830, BESSEL1841, EVEREST1830


Namespace: serial

Assembly: utm (in utm.exe)

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