Serial port and GPS

serial Namespace

Set of programs using serial port especially for GPS, containing:

gpsx.exe Command line utility for converting flat files into GPX. See also documentation on the class GpsxTest.
psrf103.exe Command line utility for generating SiRF PSRF103 messages for configuring frequency of certain NMEA sequences generated by the chip. See also documentation of the class Psrf103Test and the documentation on SiRF propertiary messages at for more details.
s2ip.exe GUI application for copying the output of a serial port to TCP, UDP or broadcast. May be used in order to connect the PDAs GPS output on a desktop computer. See also documentation on the classes Serial2IPForm, Serial2IPGUI.
scpy.exe GUI application for copying information from one serial port to another (and vice versa). Similar to s2ip.exe the program may be used in order connect PDAs serial port to a desktop computer, this time through a serial port rather than through IP. See also documentation on the classes SerialCpyForm, SerialCpyGUI.
sg.exe GUI application for communicating with the serial port. The application is able to read the serial port, for example in order to trace the NMEA output of a GPS chip, write to the serial port and log the information coming from the serial port into the file. The application is also able to read from IP (TCP, UDP or broadcast) so that it can be connected to the stream generated by s2ip.exe. Because s2ip.exe is presently inable to receive data from IP and copy it to the serial port, the IP based communication can't be used in order to write to the serial port. See documentation on the classes SerialForm, SerialGUI.
sgps.exe The application for showing the current position, both as decimal coordinates, UTM and on a defined map, a map can be defined as a bitmap file with coordinates of the borders. The application is able to read the NMEA sequences from both serial port, for example directly from a serial port on a PDA, and from IP, for example using the stream generated by s2ip.exe. See also documentation on the classes SerialGPSForm and SerialGPSGUI.
utm.exe Command line application for converting geographical coordinates into UTM. Strongly based on an Excel sheet and the theretical description by Prof. Steve Dutch. See also the description of the class UTMTest.cs and the following links:,
Use NANt in order to compile source code. NET Compact Framework Redistributable (NETCFSetupv2.msi) is necessary in order to compile the code for PDA, download from

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
BndBmpForm Primarily for showing maps with the actial position.
Gpsx Creates a Gpx file with a path description
GpsxTest Command line test program for creating Gpsx files
IPClient Client implementation for the server in Serial2IP
IPClientGPS Reads GPS data from the server
Map Contains one map definition
MapBound Bounds of a map picture
MapPoint Single point on the map
Maps Collection of Map objects
Psrf103Test Command line test program for PSRF103 messages
Serial Encapsulates serial port operations
Serial2IP Copies information from the serial port to IP.
Serial2IPForm The main form for the serial 2 IP copy application
Serial2IPGUI Main for the the program s2ip.exe, starts Serial2IPForm
SerialCpy Copies data from one port to another
SerialCpyForm Form for the application scpy.exe copying one serial port to another.
SerialCpyGUI Main for the programm scpy.exe, starts SerialCpyForm.
SerialForm The main form of the application sg.exe
SerialGPS Reads coordinates from a GPS serial port
SerialGPSForm The main form of the program sgps.exe
SerialGPSGUI Main for the program sgsp.exe, starts SerialGPSForm.
SerialGUI Main for the program sg.exe, starts SerialForm.
Utils Common purpose utilities
UTMTest Command line test program for UTM translations


Delegate Description
CoordDelegate Callback for position informations obtained from GGA
ReadByteDelegate Callback for single byzes read from the serial port
ReadLineDelegate Callback for line strings read from the serial port or IP.


Enumeration Description
Datum Datum types used for UTM
Psrf103msg Message types for Utils.psrf103()
ServerType The IP server type