Serial port and GPS

SerialGPSForm Class

The main form of the program sgps.exe

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[Visual Basic]
Public Class SerialGPSForm
    Inherits Form
public class SerialGPSForm : Form

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m_ports Combo box for selecting the GPS serial port. Contains all serial ports available on the system, see also Serial.COMPORTS.
m_baud Combo box for selecting a baud rate of the GPS serial port. Usually 9600 or 4800 are a good choice.
m_databits Combo box for selecting the number of databits for communicating through the serial port. Usually 8 is good choice.
m_parities Combo box for selecting the parity for the serial port. No parity (None) is the mostly used default.
m_stopbits Combo box for selecting the number of stopbits for the serial port. 1 stop bit (One) could be a reasonable default.
m_system The type of the ellispoid used for convering into UTM coordinates. The mostly used standard is WGS84. See Utils.toUTM() for more details.
m_type The kind in which the application gets NMEA's GGA sequences with GPS coordinates. It may be OFF for getting them from the serial port selected in m_ports or one of TCP, UDP, BCAST for getting them through IP. In this case the IP parameters are defined in the text boxes m_server and m_ipport. NMEA sequences coming on the serial port can be streamed using for example the application s2ip.exe, thus you can use the PDA only as the GPS server and this application sgps.exe can run on a more powerfull desktop computer. See also the documentation of the classes IPClient and IPClientGPS for more details on using IP communication.
m_server The name or IP of the IP server streaming NMEA sequences. Used, if either TCP or UDP has been selected in m_type. No meaning, if broadcast streaming (BCAST) has been selected in m_type.
m_ipport Port on which the TCP or UDP server sends the NMEA sequences, if TCP or UDP selected in m_type. Port on which to listen for NMEA sequences broadcast, if BCAST selected in m_type.
m_lblutctim The UTC time from the last valid NMEA GGA sequence received from GPS.
m_lbllat The latitude in decimal degrees from the last valid NMEA GGA sequence received from GPS.
m_lbllon The longitude in decimal degrees from the last valid NMEA GGA sequence received from GPS.
m_lblnutm The UTM northing coordinate computed from the latitude and longitude for the ellipsoid type selected in m_system.
m_lbleutm The UTM easting coordinate computed from the latitude and longitude for the elliposid type selected in m_system.
m_lblalt The altitude (elevation) in meters from the last valid NMEA GGA sequence retrieved from GPS.
Port/Open, m_menuopen Opens the GPS serial port or the IP communication type depending on the present selection in m_system and starts reading NMEA 0183 GGA sequences. Assuming good outdoor conditions it takes usually several minutes until the first valid GGA sequence arrives and the coordinates are shown in m_lblutctim, m_lbllat, m_lblon, m_lblnutm, m_lbleutm and m_lblalt. The current settings in the combo boxes m_ports, m_baud, m_databits, m_parities, m_stopbits, m_system, m_type, m_server and m_ipport are used for opening, changes in the selections in these combo boxes are ignored until the menu item Port/Open is activated again. Port/Open always closes the presently opened NMEA stream, if needed.
Port/Close Closes the presently opened NMEA stream: serial port or IP client.
Port/Log, m_menulog Switches writing to a gpx file on or off. gpx files may be used in order to store a path for later anylysis using for example Google Earth. This application also writes evtl. exceptions and error messages as comments to the gpx files so that the file may be additionally used for investigating the application errors. The name of the gpx file is estimated automatically by the application, each time the writing to the gpx file is beeing activated. The file name is created as the full path of the executable of this applications completed by the current timestamp and the file extension gpx. See the documentation on the class Gpsx for more details on the gpx format.
Port/Map, m_menumap Activates or deactivates application showing a map for the current position. See the documentation on the class BndBmpForm for more details on how to create maps. The map definitions should be located in the file having the same path as the current executabe with the extension map. For example if the current executable is located in \temp\sgps.exe, then the map definition file should be located in \temp\
Port/Display off Switches the battery-hungry display of the PDA off. No meaning on desktop computers. Running on PDA this application periodically resets the inactivity timer prohibiting the PDA from going into suspend mode and prohibiting the power management from switching the display off. In order to save the battery life time the display may be switched off manually using this menu item. The display may be switched on again by pressing any of the PDA's buttons. See also the documentation of the method Usils.displayOff() for more details on the implementation of this function.
Port/Exit Closes ony operations and exits the application.



Namespace: serial

Assembly: sgps (in sgps.exe)

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